I am an NSF Post-doctoral Fellow working with Eric Maloney and Elizabeth Barnes at Colorado State University using machine learning, explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), and a variety of climate models to predict and understand the tropical atmosphere.


I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Math and Atmospheric Science from Columbia University, advised by Adam Sobel.

Recent Publications

Large-scale state and evolution of the atmosphere and ocean during PISTON 2018, Adam Sobel, Janet Sprintall, Eric Maloney, Zane Martin, Shuguang Wang, Simon de Szoeke, Benjamin Trabing, Steven Rutledge, 2021, J. Clim.

The MJO-QBO relationship in a GCM with stratospheric nudging, Zane Martin, Clara Orbe, Shuguang Wang, and Adam Sobel, 2021, J. Clim.

  • See a recent recorded talk on this work here!

Variability in QBO temperature anomalies on annual and decadal timescalesZane Martin, Adam Sobel, Amy Butler, and Shuguang Wang, 2021, J. Clim., 34(2), 589-605.

Recent & Upcoming Events

AGU Fall Meeting
December 2020
AMS Annual Meeting
January 2021
NCAR Climate and Global Dynamics Seminar
Sept. 22, 2020 

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